Serves global procurement, strategic sourcing, importers in the supply chain on quality, conformity assessment, supplier improvement and management. With new innovations and edges on technology, iQualitat creates values for clients, and suppliers in the supply chain.

Represents you in China

iQaulitat positions herself as a 2nd party service provider in China in supply chain on quality, compliance assessment, and other trade facilitation activities.

Different from a 3rd Party service provider, we represent our customers in China, and we work with suppliers as partners to get problems solved, rather than just get them caught.

Creates values for you

Quality products and timely shipments

Risks mitigation to keep business in business

Brand name protections

First Class Services with Economic Class Prices

We Prove It, We Improve It

Quality engineers are well equipped with industrial experiences and up to date technology, so that they are able to detect the failure reasons, thus to derive corrective and preventive actions with suppliers, this has been a major difference as a 2nd party comparing with a 3rd party service provider.

Product Categories


Best Operation management - to ensure doing right things

Experiences quality engineers, and experts - to ensure doing things right

Lowest cost structure to save cost for customers

More comprehensive report formats

Responsive reporting and customer services


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